Wedding Dash 2 - Level 3.8
Expert Walkthrough


Horses and Carriage
Texas BBQ Steak
Cuban Pineapple and Bean Salad


Faster Chef


Goal:  $9500
Expert Goal:  $13500

Guest List

  1. Ernie [Rose Table]
  2. Barbara [Charles]
  3. Charles [No Ernie]
  4. Grandpa [Dove Table]
  5. ...
  6. Jane [No Grandpa]
  7. Diane [Charles]
  8. ...
  9. Derek [Jane]
  10. Twins [Dove Table & Diane]
  11. ...
  12. Chloe [No Twins] & Kathleen [No Rose Table]
  13. Madison [Derek]
  14. ...
  15. Ernie [Madison]
  16. Jane [No Rose Table]
  17. Diane [Chloe]
  18. Charles [Rose Table]
  19. ...
  20. Derek [Jane]
  21. Madison [Diane]
  22. ...
  23. Twins [No Derek & Dove Table]
  24. Barbara [No Dove Table]

Table Setup


Group 1

Leave Diane seated until you've seated the Twins from Group 2.

Leave Derek seated until you've seated Madison from Group 2.

Group 2

Leave Jane seated until you've seated Derek from Group 3. Then get her out of there, so you can seat Diane (Group 3) next to Chloe.

Leave Chloe seated until you've seated Diane from Group 3.

Group 3

Note that one of the twins doesn't get his wish. I've tried to avoid this, but can't figure out how. At least he's the last one seated, so he doesn't break a chain in the middle.

Final Score

It took me several tries to get this score.



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