Wedding Dash 2 - Level 4.1
Expert Walkthrough


Mixed Roses Bouquet
Ginger and Avocodo Salmon
Willow Green


Goal:  $9000
Expert Goal:  $13500

Guest List

  1. Twins [No Daisy Table & Jane]
  2. Jane [No Madison]
  3. Madison [Charles]
  4. Charles [Madison]
  5. ...
  6. Ernie [Jane]
  7. Derek [Charles]
  8. Grandpa [No Derek]
  9. ...
  10. Barbara [Jane]
  11. Jane [Derek]
  12. ...
  13. Madison [No Daisy Table]
  14. Diane [Jane]
  15. Grandpa [No Ernie]
  16. ...
  17. Jane [Ring Table]
  18. Derek [Jane]
  19. ...
  20. Barbara [Charles]
  21. Charles [Jane]
  22. ...
  23. Madison [Jane]
  24. Jane [Diane]

Table Setup


This level is difficult! The waitress and chef are slow as syrup, and Barbara is an extremely impatient guest! It sometimes takes me a few tries to achieve expert, even with this walkthrough!

Group 1

Seat Grandpa and wait for his thought bubble to disappear before seating Derek. (This arrangement will make it easiest for you to quickly seat Barbara and Jane in Group 2.)

Group 2

Leave Charles seated until you've seated Barbara (Group 3).

Leave Diane seated until you've seated Jane (Group 3).

Group 3

(You can seat Madison next to Jane from Group 2 if Jane is still seated and Madison is irate.)

Final Score




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