Wedding Dash 2 - Level 4.8
Expert Walkthrough


French Vanilla Rococo
Imperial Draperies


Faster Chef


Goal:  $14500
Expert Goal:  $19000

Guest List

  1. Barbara [Bell Table]
  2. Derek [Jane]
  3. Jane [Dove Table]
  4. ...
  5. Charles [No Dove Table]
  6. Bob [Charles]
  7. Barbara [Charles]
  8. Madison [Jane]
  9. ...
  10. Twins [No Barbara & No Grandpa]
  11. Bob [No Twins]
  12. Barbara [Bob]
  13. Grandpa [Bob]
  14. ...
  15. Diane [No Ernie]
  16. Ernie [Bell Table]
  17. Chloe [No Barbara] & Kathleen [Dove Table]
  18. ...
  19. Jane [Chloe]
  20. Bob [Jane] [No Jane]
  21. Ethel [No Ernie]
  22. ...
  23. Twins [No Ethel & No Barbara]
  24. Barbara [Ethel]
  25. ...
  26. Bob [Charles]
  27. Charles [No Barbara]
  28. Derek [Charles]

Table Setup


Skip the tutorial; it forces you to seat Barbara too early!

Group 1

Stage 1

Your very first guest, Barbara [Bell Table] will always have a reseat request as soon as you take her gift.

Seat the first seven guests as shown, then take Barbara's gift. Reseat her, but NOT in the middle of a group of 3 empty seats! Put her at the end, or next to Madison/Bob.

Stage 2

After moving Barbara in Stage 1, you have a set of 3 empty seats, and a set of 2 empty seats. Put the Twins in one, and Bob [No Twins], and Barbara [Bob] in the other.

Make Grandpa wait for Group 2. You want that last empty seat for reseat requests.

Group 2

Group 3

Place these three anywhere, as long as Charles is in the middle.

Final Score




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