Wedding Dash 2 - Level 5.1
Expert Walkthrough


Perfumed Candelabras
Pure Ivory
Eggless Tofu Spinach Quiche


Goal:  $13500
Expert Goal:  $16000

Guest List

  1. Chuck [Jane]
  2. Jane [Rose Table]
  3. Ernie [Jane]
  4. Grandpa [Daisy Table]
  5. ...
  6. Madison [Charles]
  7. Charles [Daisy Table]
  8. Twins [Charles & No Grandpa]
  9. ...
  10. Barbara [Twins]
  11. Bob [Jane]
  12. Chuck [No Barbara]
  13. ...
  14. Chloe [No Daisy Table] & Kathleen [No Ernie]
  15. Derek [Charles]
  16. ...
  17. Bob [Jane]
  18. Diane [Chloe]
  19. Jane [No Kathleen]
  20. ...
  21. Barbara [Jane]
  22. Ernie [No Barbara]
  23. Chuck [No Ernie]
  24. ...
  25. Chuck [Derek]
  26. Bob [No Ernie]

Table Setup


We are introduced to Chuck in this level. Don't get him confused with Charles!

Also in this level, the waitress and chef are sloooooooooow. Be prepared to lose points on irate guests. You simply don't have enough tools to keep everyone happy at all times!

Group 1

Seat Chuck and Jane. Serve Chuck and get rid of him. Replace with Bob [Jane].

Leave Charles seated until seating Derek [Charles] from Group 2.

Group 2

Seat Chuck [Derek] and Derek asap. Serve and get rid of Chuck. Replace with Ernie.

Final Score




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